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Ibiza Sightseeing | All about the tourist attractions and landmarks of Ibiza

All about the tourist attractions and landmarks of Ibiza

There are many wonderful places worthwhile visiting during your stay on the beautiful Balearic island: Ibiza, you will find them here in a row.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza's largest district, offers impressive natural scenery, many amazing beaches, coves and islets, protected in the Natural Parks of Cala d’Hort (incl. Salines Nature Park with its posidonia meadows) Cap Llentrisca and Sa Talaia (the islands highest mountain) and the Nature Reserves of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and the Illots de Ponent with famous landmark. rock island Es Vedrà.

The municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu, in the past, was an important agricultural region because the basin of the only river of Ibiza, with the remains of a Roman aqueduct serving the historic fish farm at s'Argamassa. Its capital, a nice miniature town Santa Eulalia, is overseen by the Puig de Missa, a beautiful 16th century fortified church constructed 52 m above sea level, and worthwhile visiting for its fantastic views and unique beauty. Furthermore you will find a number of charming villages, markets and historic white churches and many beautiful beaches.

Sant Antoni de Portmany
has a beautiful bay and port, called 'Port Magnus' (Great Harbour) recently transformed into an ultra-modern port, and although already well-known by many of the visitors for its Westend, a very British nightlife district that most likely also will upgrade to a new level, but of course the municipality holds many historic places as well.

Sant Joan de Labritja
is the least-populated municipality of Ibiza with mainly rural areas largely depending on farming it is also home to the small mountain chain Es Amunts that is protected because of the unique fauna and flora, defense tower Balanzat, the caves of Cova Marçà and the archaeological site in Cova Es Culleram keeping Ibiza's most important piece of  Phoenician past: the goddess Tanit.
With its steep coasts with rising cliffs, dense pine forests and terraced, green fields with torrents San Juan is still unspoilt and a heaven for who like to hike and to those who are desperately seeking for peace and quiet in rural surroundings

The capital and municipality and most populous settlement of the island, is Ibiza-Town or Vila (d'Eivissa), divided in two parts: the old Upper Town or Dalt Vila, built on a small mountain by the sea, and the modern part, by the name of Eixample (the extension).

For those who love to visit sites of architectural, cultural, historical, human or religious interest, the island of Ibiza features:

- Ibiza's old town, Dalt Vila, an upper town built in 1554, is surrounded by several historic walls, some of which are only partly excavated. The imposing walls visible today are the product of the Italian architect Calvi in the 16th century. These walls were built so firm, that still today this is one of the two only fortifications in Europe that kept their complete original structure.

- Ibiza's Port - La Marina - is a quiet and peaceful place in winter, while in summer this is the place to see and be seen. From sunset people stroll along the harbour promenade or meet on a terrace to discuss where they will be partying all night this time, and surely Ibiza's drag queens choose this boardwalk longstanding to be seen.

- In the harbour of Ibiza, it is impossible to overlook the Corsair Obelisk - Homenaje a los Corsarios - a statue to honor the pirates, the only statue in the world  honoring pirates. These pirates played a key role in the History of Ibiza.

- Scattered around the island, you'll find several caves, including the largest and most famous Cova des Culleram, discovered in 1907 and Caves Can Marca, over 100.000 years old, Ses Fontanelles Caves with remains of ancient paintings, Es Cuieram Cave, dedicated to the goddess Tanit and Santa Caves Ibiza contains stalactites.

- The Puig des Molins Nekropolis, one of the world's largest and best preserved underground tombs, was left here by Phoenicians and Cova de ses Llegostes, a natural cave, open to the sea, which now houses an aquarium.

- Las Salinas, Ibiza's Salt flats, were of immense importance to medieval Ibiza, nowadays the interesting remains rest in a natural reserve which forms an important refuge for all kinds of birds, including flamingos.

- Visit Bàlafia, near San Lorenzo, the remarkable settlement of seven historic farmhouses and two distinctive towers, of Moorish origin named after the good, freshwater source in this neighbourhood.
The authentic villages of Ibiza, San Jose, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael and San Carlos, still have the beautiful historical finca's - original farmhouses - and charming small churches, with extremely thick walls, a perfect defence against hot summers, all painted white, just as the islanders always used to do.

- Hippy Markets, which are held regularly, are the markets where the hippies, who once landed on this beautiful island, sell their crafts and artisan products while providing visitors an enjoyable day.

- A must see are the rugged clifs and the beautiful, uninhabited little islands, such as famous mystical rock island and landmark Es Vedra and sister island Es Vedranell, Conejaro and Ses Espalmador, approachable by boat only!

- Ibiza lighthouses, especially the ones at Botafoc - Faro de Botafoc are famous because of the fantastic panoramic view they provide.

- Around 1880 the first windmill was built in the Ses Salines and by the time they ended operating them already 180 of them covered the island. Most of them have since dilapidated but some of them were restored and declared Heritage of Cultural Interest as are Molí den Toni Joan, Molí des Porxet en Molí des Puig den Valls, which all symbolize the characteristic of the Balearic rural architecture.

-  Ses Feixes - Water area with great diversity of flora and fauna and also a major relic of traditional Moorish irrigation system.

Most of these Ibiza sites will take a full day to explore all of their beauty but moreover include a healthy walk through the beautiful scenery of Ibiza's quieter rural inlands, in itself worth a visit.
Enjoy all sightseeing in Ibiza, from sunbathing to clubbing in the nightlife, but take time for a cultural dip before leaving this amazingly beautiful island with its illustrious history, free spirit and many secrets, myths and legends.

Es Broll de Buscastell natural water well with irrigation system of water mains built during the Arab domination

worth viewing:
Es Broll de Buscastell natural water well with irrigation system of water mains built during the Arab domination

Es Broll de Buscastell a well which rises in the mountains, near Buscastell, situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by terraces with orchards and fields, one of the few wetlands on the island of Ibiza and is equipped with an irrigation system pipes built during the Arab era.
In those days the Arab rulers created a ingenious irrigation system to distribute the water in the valley, by using the natural decay through trenches, tanks and cisterns in order to lead then it to the neighbors, who at that time all the same water rights.
This construction of agricultural engineering with ditches, canals, swimming pools, terraces, mills and reservoirs is still in use, and fed with the water of Es Broll, in one of the most important wetlands on the island.
Es Broll floods during spring, autumn and the heavy rain fall, and rising water in the torrent and the water channels, create this unparalleled place on the island of Ibiza, where decades ago you could enjoy natural waterfalls and reservoirs throughout the year.
 In the winter of 2016-2017 damage to terraces and road emerged by heavy rains, but just for a short time the area's former 'splendor' was restored with some waterfalls ....
A visit to Es Broll Buscastell is most enjoyed with a lovely walk, along the Cami des Broll 3.8 km, on foot, while enjoying fabulous views over the valley..

* Broll (meaning 'jet' in Catalan, and suggests a natural well)

- Camí des Broll, 07828 Sant Antoni Abad, Illes Balears
About 2 km after Buscastell, you go to the right, just past the bridge is a dirt road that leads you to the beautiful valley of Es Broll, where you follow the path to the source of Es Broll on foot.

IBIZA BEACHES | Enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches of Ibiza
Enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches of Ibiza

The small island of Ibiza has an indented coastline with various coves and bays, trimmed with a wide variety of beaches, approximately 100 and all are fantastic. You will find pebble beaches, impressive rocky beaches with high cliffs and bigger and smaller Mediterranean beaches in color ranges from nearly white, through reddish to almost black. Some beaches are easily accessible and therefore downright crowded in the summer, while on the beaches which are more remote, or only accessible on foot, summers are usually quieter. Parking can sometimes be an issue at the popular beaches .... It's all worth it !!
The seawater is crystal clear throughout, it cools you down and makes you forget all stress. And otherwise the trendy beach bars and clubs help you relax.
Some of Ibiza's beaches have been awarded 'Blue Flag', by which the quality of the beach and vicinity, as well as the facilities, were found to be 'more than excellent'.
To fully admire Ibiza's marine life one can choose from countless options to enjoy on, or in, the water, such as a diving trip, numerous water sports options and sailing or surfing

IBIZA MUSEUMS with archaeological, artistic, ethnological and historical past of the island
Visit Ibiza's Museums to learn all about the archaeological, artistic, ethnological and historical past of the island

Ibiza not only has an extremely violent historical past but the island also has very rich artistic past, exhibited at the archaeological, monographic, fine arts, ethnological and historical museum of Ibiza.
Still today the island attracts many artistic people, too happily inspired by this beautiful island, and sharing their artistic expressions with the public again through art exhibitions and art events.
The island is home to many artists, and for decades, art was a 'replacement' tender on the island.
With the arrival of artists from other continents in search of recognition and with a fearsome marketing strategy, it is increasingly difficult for the current art scene from Ibiza to exhibit their artwork in the art galleries of the island. Fortunately, there are still a few exhibition spaces that show exclusive art by local artists, and we particularly recommend art lovers to visit them, at least once.

IBIZA MARKETS | Discover and enjoy the markets of Ibiza
Discover and enjoy the markets of Ibiza

Ibiza is known worldwide as the home of some of the most famous hippy markets of the world, namely: Las Dalias Hippy Market and Punta Arabi Hippy Market.
 Nowadays, the organization of markets on the island evolved into a true art form or cult, as the island knows many types of markets beyond the usual fresh markets.
So you will find from artisan markets, art fairs at-full-moon and popular flea markets to musical and party markets to markets with only local or organic produce plus, once a year, the genuine Medieval Market during the annual festival.
In summer you will find the well-known summer markets at many parts, open till late in the evening with a selection of various trinkets.
A visit to the island should not go by without visiting the San Juan Market, held every Sunday from 10 am, along the main street in Sant Joan de Labritja.
Because this is the place to be seen, locals and visitors like to dress hippie-style to enjoy a lively market day with a diverse range of products on offer, a delicious homemade paella and live music by local musicians.

IBIZA MARINAS | Visit the Marinas, Sport Ports, Seaports and small ports of Ibiza
Visit the Marinas, Sport Ports, Seaports and small ports of Ibiza

Since time immemorial, the coast around this Balearic island is home to little, natural fishing ports which in the old days, provided the population their livelihood.
From the moment, halfway through the last century, the rich of the earth for the first time moored at the small Balearic island with their huge luxury yachts, the need was born to ensure adequate berths and related shipping and other services.
Already for decades, many visitors to Ibiza arrive with one of the ever larger ferries and island ports also serve as point of departure to the smaller sister island of Formentera, which is accessible only by boat.
No wonder Ibiza nowadays, is rich in bigger and smaller, ultra-modern and highly prestigious harbors and marinas, all well worth a visit for boating lovers. One will not be bored because near each port you'll find a vibrant area offering all kinds, including shops, restaurants, clubs and bars.

HIKING IBIZA | Discover Ibiza on foot through Guided Hikes, all year round

Discover Ibiza on foot through Guided Hikes, all year round

Discover Ibiza on foot with Lucien Lecarme of Hiking Ibiza, and his guided walks, all year round.
His open walks, private tours and retreat hikes allow you explore Ibiza on foot, at your own pace.
Lucien, photographer and therapist, of Belgian origin, is a big fan of Es Vedra, his Powerpoint.
He takes you to the most beautiful, and the best secret spots on the island, to enjoy breathtaking views over the rolling island and its surrounding stunning seascapes.
Themed walks introduce you to the different seasons and the relevant plants and herbs of which the famous hierbas Ibicenca is made.

hiking options:
- Open hikes, in summer you can enjoy Sunset Hikes with a duration of about 2 hours and in winter you can enjoy 2 x 2-3 hours of walking each week
- Private walks, enjoy walks to the most interesting spots of Ibiza and learn more about the historical and archaeological sites of the island, while listening to interesting anecdotes from your guide.
- Retreat hikes, for relaxation and meditation during retreats in Ibiza

Explore the Balearic waters through IBIZA BOAT EXCURSIONS, CRUISES and PRIVATE BOAT TRIPS
Explore the Balearic waters with boat trips around the islands

Sailing is a perfect way to explore the surrounding waters of the islands of Ibiza, Formentera, Es Vedra, S'Es Palmador and the 48 smaller, uninhabited, islands.
Choose from romantic boat excursions at night, boat trips to Punta Arabi Hippy Market and Cultural Cruises to admire Dalt Vila, the historic upper town of Ibiza Town from the sea, one-day or half-day boat trips to the other islands, sea-excursions and trips to remote beaches, available for couples, families, groups and friends and fully customized to meet your wishes. These boat excursions provide an excellent way to get to know the islands from their best side, the sea, with swimming, sunbathing and fine restaurants along the way, and to finish off of a wonderful day, one of Ibiza's famous stunning sunsets.

 AQUABUS FERRY BOATS IBIZA | Touristic maritime transport and ferry services in Ibiza
Touristic maritime transport and ferry services in Ibiza

Between May 1st and October 31st you can enjoy maritime transport by Aquabus' fleet of traditional boats providing cheap daily ferry services, maritime excursions, cruises and tours, such as: Ibiza - Formentera Ferry, Ibiza Island Tours, Dolphin Excursions, Cave Cruises, Cultural cruises to admire the famous fortification of Dalt Vila, the historic Upper Town of Ibiza Town, from its best side, from sea, Formentera Cruises and pleasant boat trips to the Hippy Market, or Sunset tours to watch the drumming at Benirrás.
All sailing tours are enabling you to experience Ibiza from her most wonderful side, from sea, while prices are very moderate and the crew very professional.

Professional & Official Guides for Tourist Information and Excursions in Ibiza.

The official autonomous tourist guides APITIF are available by appointment to guide groups of tourists or individual travellers to the most interesting and secret places of the beautiful White Island. There is a choice of different excursions and all-day, half-day or night time trips, presented in many languages.
As, over the last four decades, Ibiza developed from an isolated virgin Spanish island into an multi cultural meeting point for people from all over the world, your guide will be able to share all sorts of
anecdotes and peculiarities from Ibiza, tell you all about the historical beginnings of the island and the early days of its hippy scene. Some of their views on their job and their home island are written down for you: Ibiza - Island of contrasts, refuge and paradise. There are guides available with extensive knowledge on specific topics, such as: architecture, culture, history, plants, tradition etc.

All about Ibiza's autonomous tourist guides
- Every 2nd weekend of May in Dalt Vila & La Marina

Something you must have seen and experienced in Ibiza: the annual Feria Medieval or Medieval Festival, held within the historic city walls of Dalt Vila every second weekend of May, attracting more than fifty thousand visitors to the island flooding the streets of Eivissa. Ibiza, for 4 days, relives the Middle Ages, in honour of the long and well preserved island history, awarded with the status of world heritage by UNESCO in 1999.
Enjoy colorful stalls with merchants in medieval costumes, traditional entertainment and performances in a lively and unique medieval festival atmosphere. At the same time, the restaurants of the old town offer a Gastronomic Festival with medieval delicacies and refreshments.

- Every FULL MOON in February on Ibiza -

A magnificent spectacle of Ibiza's splendid nature unfolds when in February, or sometimes even in January, the delightful scent of almond blossom fills the air on the island, and many people already start looking forward to the upcoming night trail through the almond orchards of Santa Inez, at full moon in February, simply to enjoy the beauty of the annual Almond Blossom in Ibiza.

ES VEDRA | Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock Island
Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock Island

The small, but famous, island 'Isla Es Vedrà' and its smaller sister Es Vedranell, located off the south-western coast of Ibiza, are part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and both well worth a visit. Es Vedrà is a monumental, 413 m high, rocky pinnacle, predominantly consisting of Mesozoic limestone, rising abruptly from the Mediterranean off the southwest coast of Ibiza where it is visible throughout the entire Pityusic archipelago.
Es Vedrà, in insulated location, uninhabited and off-limits to the public, is home to a subspecies of: the Ibizan wall lizard, Podarcis pityusensis, with a deep blue body and yellow back they look totally different than on other islands, a colony of Eleonora's falcons, endangered birds of prey, and the leftovers of a small colony of subspecies of wild goats. Es Vedrà is surrounded by a number of myths and tall tales. So it is said the island has a intensive spiralling energy and would be a landing spot for alien civilizations....
The fact is that this mysterious rock island is the third most magnetic spot on our planet (after North Pole and Bermuda Triangle), issuing the strongest radiation making compasses go crazy. In the port of San Antonio, and other ports, are boats available for unforgetable excursions to this mystical island.

FORMENTERA | Beautiful, pristine sister island to Ibiza
Beautiful, pristine sister island to Ibiza

This beautiful and unspoiled sister island to Ibiza features a beautiful coastline with gorgeous, white, sandy beaches and extremely clear water, that really should be seen once in a lifetime. In 2016 Playa de Ses Illets was chosen Europe's best beach while the islet of S’Empalmador is famed for boasting stunning sunsets.
The small island of Formentera, declared World Heritage Site together with Ibiza in 1999, today attracts the most wealthy of this planet but still has the 'real hippy feel'.
Visit the villages Sant Francesc Xavier, Sant Ferran de ses Roques, El Pilar de la Mola and La Savina, and go see the 5 XVIII century defense towers, the preserved flour mills: Moli d'en Teuet, Moli d’en Jeroni, Moli d’en Mateu and Moli de La Mola, the lighthouse Far de la Mola and a number of interesting historical sights.
Formentera, only accessible by boat, is an excellent destination for a full day excursion from Ibiza, through a lovely boat trip.

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