es vedra | famous landmark and mysterious rock island
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es vedra | famous landmark and mysterious rock island
Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock Island

The small, but famous, island 'Isla Es Vedrą' and its smaller sister Es Vedranell, located off the south-western coast of Ibiza, are part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and both well worth a visit. Es Vedrą is a monumental, 413 m high, rocky pinnacle, predominantly consisting of Mesozoic limestone, rising abruptly from the Mediterranean off the southwest coast of Ibiza where it is visible throughout the entire Pityusic archipelago.
Es Vedrą, in insulated location, uninhabited and off-limits to the public, is home to a subspecies of: the Ibizan wall lizard, Podarcis pityusensis, with a deep blue body and yellow back they look totally different than on other islands, a colony of Eleonora's falcons, endangered birds of prey, and the leftovers of a small colony of subspecies of wild goats. Es Vedrą is surrounded by a number of myths and tall tales. So it is said the island has a intensive spiralling energy and would be a landing spot for alien civilizations....
The fact is that this mysterious rock island is the third most magnetic spot on our planet (after North Pole and Bermuda Triangle), issuing the strongest radiation making compasses go crazy. In the port of San Antonio, and other ports, are boats available for unforgetable excursions to this mystical island.

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