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ibiza tourist guides
Professional & Official Guides for Tourist Information and Excursions in Ibiza.

The official autonomous tourist guides APITIF are available by appointment to guide groups of tourists or individual travellers to the most interesting and secret places of the beautiful White Island. There is a choice of different excursions and all-day, half-day or night time trips, presented in many languages.
As, over the last four decades, Ibiza developed from an isolated virgin Spanish island into an multi cultural meeting point for people from all over the world, your guide will be able to share all sorts of
anecdotes and peculiarities from Ibiza, tell you all about the historical beginnings of the island and the early days of its hippy scene. Some of their views on their job and their home island are written down for you: Ibiza - Island of contrasts, refuge and paradise. There are guides available with extensive knowledge on specific topics, such as: architecture, culture, history, plants, tradition etc.

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