medieval festival ibiza
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medieval festival ibiza
- Every 2nd weekend of May in Dalt Vila & La Marina

Something you must have seen and experienced in Ibiza: the annual Feria Medieval or Medieval Festival, held within the historic city walls of Dalt Vila every second weekend of May, attracting more than fifty thousand visitors to the island flooding the streets of Eivissa. Ibiza, for 4 days, relives the Middle Ages, in honour of the long and well preserved island history, awarded with the status of world heritage by UNESCO in 1999.
Enjoy colorful stalls with merchants in medieval costumes, traditional entertainment and performances in a lively and unique medieval festival atmosphere. At the same time, the restaurants of the old town offer a Gastronomic Festival with medieval delicacies and refreshments.

- every 2nd weekend of May -

A perfect moment to experience the ancient Ibiza closely is during the annual MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL that is held each 2nd weekend of May.
The historic fortress walls of Dalt Vila, which once provided important protection against hostile attacks, are the backdrop of a 4 days medieval spectacle filled with historical parades and costumes, re-enactments of battles and tournaments, but also with a medieval market offering traditional delicacies and a handicraft market where artisans show their skills.
Overall a fantastic atmosphere and an unforgettable experience, where you are experiencing Ibiza at its best.

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